About us

About The Grape to Glass.


We like to do things a little differently at the Grape to Glass, Tim has a great vision, which the rest of the team buy into and wholly believe in.


Our shop is not like other wine shops. It is set out to help people explore what they do and don’t like. It enables people to find new things to try. No categorisation by price, country or grape varietal. Our layout is logical, and far easier to find something to your tastes.


We sell wines with personality, to match your personality. We do this and bring character to the experience, taking the doubt and fear and replacing them with education and assistance.


If you know a wine you like, see what is around it on the shelf and give them a try.


At any given point we have up to 500 different wines on offer, this is out of a range of 1800 that have been offered so far since we opened (and that number is growing quickly).


These range from Lightweight through to heavy hitting, warm, spicy, full bodied reds. Easy drinkers through to heavy hitters, with lots in between Dry easy drinking through to woody/smokey off dry whites. Lighter to darker rose, a smattering of sparkling, and some dessert wines. We also have a small stock of ports, sherries and vermouth, and an ever growing range of gins both local and more exotic.


If you need help and advice you will get it from people who are passionate about wines, but also believe there are no rules. If you want to drink chilled red, why not. If you want a nice white with a steak – go for it. No judgement, just a helping hand to find the wines that are right for you.



Let’s take the rules and science out of wine, open it to all. Let’s all find and drink some amazing wines.



Taste ~ Share ~ Enjoy ~ Educate


Meet the Team



The boss, the one we work hard to keep in the style to which he is accustomed.


Favourite wines – Water

Least Favourite wines – Water                      



Curating a team with the same characterises as the wines. Someone for all tastes. Bringing together people with a love of wine and a desire to help people on their journey to find what they like, and love about wine.


Favourite wines – Lugana Trebbiano

Least Favourite wines – Echo Falls



Second in charge and controls the important things like paying bills, payroll and keeping us all in line.


Really the master blender of the shop. Making sure the team offers the right mix.

Would much rather be on the stage than in the shop.


Favourite wines – Albarino

Least Favourite wines – Zinfandel Rose        



The scholar of the shop. He is the one that we all rely on. Wicked sense of humour, massive knowledge on wine. Perfect wingman for your journey as you explore the wonderful world of wines.


Favourite wines – Pavillion Blanc du Margaux Bordeaux

Least Favourite wines – Yellowtail                



Well on his journey to discovering wines from all over the world, Marcus presents a palate which favours Italian and South African wines. He adores his beers, especially Pales and Fruity IPA’s.


Favourite wines – Barolo in the winter, Sangiovese any time.

Least Favourite wines – Rose



Young, enthusiastic and on a lovely journey of discovery of her likes, but also the complexity of wines. Exploring flavours, smells, pallates and keeping us all enthused as we share her journey.


Favourite wines – Faithful hound Stellenbocsh, Al qasar zibibbo 

Least Favourite wines – zinfandel rose  



Our 'SECRET LITTLE HELPER'. Just like the cheeky little Elf, Marie comes out to play and help us in our time of need. A dedicated, much-loved person by our family/Staff and Customers, Marie will always be a part of the team, whenever...where ever.x

Favourite wines: PINK and SPARKLY!!!!

Least Favourite wines – Cardboard Hangbags (wine in a box).


That's US!


Come and MEET THE TEAM for yourselves 😁🍷🍻