Give a little love, share a wine you love, find a new love

February has arrived, the month of love. If there is something we all need right now it is love. In
trying times we support and care for each other, there is a lot of love around at the moment.
Here at The Grape to Glass there is always a lot of love, especially when Tim is around with his
passion for wine, and educating others in wine. Mark has a similar passion, and Ant’s passion grows
by the day.
We all love wine, and we enjoy helping you to find the wines that you love. We enjoy supplying you
with your favourites, the ones you know, the ones you don’t need to think about, you just enjoy, and
buy over and over.
More so we enjoy helping you explore, expand your horizons and search out some new favourites.
As with any search for a new love, the path isn’t smooth, some you will like, others you will dislike
That’s why we want to help you to fall in love. Fall in love with treating yourself, fall in love with
exploring and trying.
So here is a selection of something old, something new (but nothing blue, we are falling in love, not
got that far yet). These are the things that we are loving right now.
Ruggeri, Argeo Prosecco Brut. ITALY.
An elegant Prosecco with those classic tongue tingling tiny bubbles, fresh green apple nose and
palate, and long, crisp finish.
Riondo, Pink Prosecco, Extra Dry. ITALY.
This traditional Prosecco balances acidity, softness, structure, and bubbles making it a perfect
aperitif. Perfect start to Valentines evening.
Davina Cava, Pere Ventura, Brut. Spain.
Fresh and intense, a Cava with beautiful notes of green apple, light honey, and a refreshing acidity.
NV Champagne René Jolly, Blanc de Noirs, HALF BOTTLES. France.
100% premium Pinot Noir, displaying gorgeous toasty richness, intense zesty aromas and perfect
Dandelion Vineyards, `Lioness of McLaren Vale` Shiraz, Australia.
An impressive purity of fruit showing luscious scents of summer pudding with lifted red fruits berries
and a hint of cinnamon.
Familia Torres, San Valentin. SPAIN.
This wine embodies LOVE, first made by Miguel Torres as a Valentine’s present for his wife.
‘Parellada’ grapes present an off-dry style and ripe fruit character.
Ladoucette, Côtes de Provence, Vallombrosa Première Cuvée Rosé. France.
A complex nose of sun kissed apricots, peaches, and violet floral aromas. A mineral, red fruit
persistence and mineral finish.
‘Flowers’, Vinho Verde, Quinta da Lixa. Portugal.
A lip-smackingly delicious Vinho Verde, with aromas of apple and grapefruit alongside herbal notes.
Lagar de Cabrera, Syrah. Spain.

Showstopping; opulent fruit with scents of rose petals. Elegantly pairs well with love.
Share the love, by sharing your favourites with others, new favourites and the old familiar ones.
Taste, Share, Educate, Enjoy. What better way to say thank you for your support, I love you and
sharing a/our passion. We may not be able to share together for now, but we will be able to, and we
look forward to that day.
See you soon.
Tim, Mark, Pete, Ant, Huw, Blu

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