About Us, Me, TGTG

The Grape to Glass Wine Shop and Tasting Room is a bespoke wine shop based in the heart of Rhos-on-Sea. It’s ethos is to operate as an Independent wine retailer, where you can also purchase ‘wine by the glass’ to enjoy on-site, learn, be educated.

~Taste~Share~Enjoy~Educate is our motto. Get under the skin of the grape with an educational course, food and wine matching masterclasses, tasting events and join the wine club! The ‘Wine Club’ offers the opportunity for you to decide on what you want ‘The Grape to Glass’ to stock. Evenings will be held once a month, and you become part of the growing enthusiastic community of Wine.

For more information about the ‘WINE CLUB’ call in, call 01492 545 934 or email Tim.


After a successful career in Television working for some of the most admired television drama’s, Tim turned his hand to wine. Let’s think about it for a minute…. wines, or grapes, have their own personality, their own character, not that far off from people where Tim would place actors and the likes into roles. Each person can read a part differently, bring something to the table…. Well, now he provides leading roles in wine choices for you to match with your food.

Whether you are poaching, roasting, baking or spicing, braising, stewing, grilling or B.B.Q’ing, there’ll be a wine to ‘perfectly partner’ your culinary delights.

‘The Grape to Glass’ offers wines from all over the world, with a diverse range which you help in creating by sampling new wines, ideas, and products that Tim offers.

The heart of the business is passion, a dedication to offering ‘wines that people want. The core value principles that Tim employs is ‘Trust, Value, Diversity, Knowledge and Passion’ for all things wine related.

It’s often that people are misled in choice when it comes to wine selection, and ‘the world of wine’ is often evolving with new techniques, new styles, new approaches to enjoying wine, but you can sit back and be advised, and better still…… try wines before you buy them so you know what to expect.

Let Tim take the world off your shoulders, take a seat, and get ready for a journey getting ‘under the skin of the grape’. Some people may be connoisseurs, some may be new to the world, but we can assure you, you’ll be happy with your experience. (if you’re not, then the first glass is on Tim)!